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SFT (Simple Feedback Trainer) is an application designed to simulate the process of 'ringing out' a sound system and train the user to recognise frequencies by ear. It was designed after a discussion about the topic on alt.audio.pro.live-sound.

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If you have any suggestions or comments drop me an email - my address is in the About box.


SFT is freeware which means it is free to download and use by anybody. However, if you use SFT in a commercial environment (i.e. for training) I would appreciate a small donation from your company. Any donations recieved will be put towards the future development of the software. Please note this is not obligatory.


Thanks to the readers of alt.audio.pro.live-sound for encouragement and criticism, and to David J Taylor who wrote the original code used in the tone generator. Thanks also to ajv for early testing.